Chorus X

O Light Invisible, we praise You!
Too bright for mortal vision.

O Greater Light,
we praise You for the less;
The eastern light
our spires touch at morning,
The light that slants
upon our western doors at evening,
The twilight over
stagnant pools at batflight,
Moon light and star light,
owl and moth light,
Glow-worm glowlight on a grassblade.

O Light Invisible, we worship You!
We thank You for the lights that we have kindled,
The light of altar and of sanctuary;
Small lights of those who meditate at midnight
And lights directed through the colored panes of windows
And light reflected from the polished stone,
The gilded carven wood, the colored fresco.
Our gaze is submarine, our eyes look upward
And see the light that fractures through unquiet water.
We see the light but see not whence it comes.

O Light Invisible, we glorify You!
In our rhythm of earthly life, we tire of light.
We are glad when the day ends, when the play ends; and ecstasy is too much pain.
We are children quickly tired: children who are up in the night and fall asleep as the rocket is fired; and the day is long for work or play.
We tire of distraction or concentration, we sleep and are glad to sleep,
Controlled by the rhythm of blood and the day and the night and the seasons.
And we must extinguish the candle, put out the light and relight it;
Forever must quench, forever relight the flame.

Therefore we thank You for our little light, that is dappled with shadow.
We thank You who has moved us to building, to finding, to forming at the ends of our fingers and beams of our eyes.
And when we have built an altar to the Invisible Light, we may set thereon the little lights for which our bodily vision is made.
And we thank You that darkness reminds us of light.

O Light Invisible, we give You thanks for Your great glory!

(a prayer of T. S. Eliot; photo via

Your Gifts

God, you give such good gifts.
The best.
Please make me more like you.

Only Speak

“Only speak the word,” the centurion said to you, Jesus.
It is my prayer, too.
Only speak the word and they will be healed.
I ask again.
I ask still.
I ask until.
Only speak the word.

Prayer Before My Keynote

Lord, please speak through me. 
If you don't speak,
it won't matter what I say.
But if you do speak,
it won't matter what I say.

Jabez Redux

Dear Lord, bless me indeed! Increase your territory within me. Take up increasing space in my life. Spread out to the right and to the left and secure the land I've given up to fear and pain and mistrust! Turn the light on in the dark corners of my soul; chase out the fears and anxieties that threaten my freedom. Strengthen me in the deepest places, Lord. Help me to secure the borders of my mind that my life may flourish. And may Your mighty hand of power be at work in me and all around me! Keep me from evil, temptation, and pain, from both causing it and enduring it. And may I live out the number of my days in nobility, honor, and freedom. In Jesus' name. Amen.

(a prayer of Susie Larson, from her book Embracing Your Freedom)

Nearer, Still Nearer