A New Mizpah for Miles and Mia

Be near to them, Lord,
all the while I can't.

Hold them close.
Keep them safe.
Shield and shelter them.
Bless and buoy them.

Let them remember their Crappaw and Mimi,
and their Aunt Aubrey and Uncle Kevin,
and their cousins, Calleigh, Ryder, and Avery,
and miss us all,
but not with the terrible pangs of longing
with with we miss them.

Keep them busy and happy and fruitful and joyful
while we are absent one from the other,
in Jesus' name, amen.

A Prayer for This Day and All Days

Glory be to Thee, O Lord, glory to Thee.

Glory to Thee who givest me sleep to recruit my weakness,
and to remit the toils of this fretful flesh.

To this day and all days,
a perfect, holy, peaceful, healthy, sinless course,
vouchsafe, O Lord.

The Angel of peace, a faithful guide,
guardian of souls and bodies,
to encamp around me,
and ever to prompt what is salutary,
vouchsafe, O Lord.

Pardon and remission of all sins and of all offenses
vouchsafe, O Lord.

To our souls what is good and convenient,
and peace to the world,
repentance and strictness
for the residue of our life,
and health and peace to the end,
vouchsafe, O Lord.

Whatever is true, whatever is honest,
whatever just, whatever pure,
whatever lovely, whatever of good report,
if there be any virtue, if any praise,
such thoughts, such deeds,
vouchsafe, O Lord.

A Christian close, without sin, without shame,
and, should it please Thee, without pain,
and a good answer
at the dreadful and fearful judgment seat
of Jesus Christ our Lord,
vouchsafe, O Lord.


(a prayer of Lancelot Andrewes)

Till One Draws Near

The well is deep and I require
A draught of the water of life,
But none can quench my soul's desire
For a draught of the water of life;
Till One draws near who the cry will heed--
Helper of men in their time of need--
And I, believing, find indeed
That You are the Water of Life.

(from "Life Is a Journey; Long Is the Road," by Albert Orsborn; slightly revised; photo by taliesin via everystockphoto.com)

A Post-Emmaus Prayer

My Jesus,
as you were revealed to your friends in Emmaus
in the simplicity of breaking bread,
please disclose yourself to me today
in the simplest, tiniest
moments and movements
of my day.

(detail of Still Life with Hare, Duck, Loaf of Bread, Cheese and Flasks of Wine by Jean-Baptiste Oudry; public domain)

Getting Garbed

In your mercy
clothe me

in your protection
cloak me

in your care
enfold me

in your grace
array me.

With your justice
dress me

for your labor
garb me

by your love
envelop me

and fit me
for your work.

(art and prayer ©Jan Richardson via The Painted Prayerbook; used with permission)

Too Beautiful

God, I fear
You’ve made the World
too beautiful this year.

(a prayer of Edna St. Vincent Millay)

New Hymn

(a prayer by Reynolds Price, music by James Taylor)