Get Up Son

Lord I want to die 
in my sleep 
I want to go to bed 
and be awakened 
by you 
Get up son 
it's the first day of school 
the beginning of your new job 
the dawn of eternity. 
Here are your clothes. 
Your older brother 
wore them first 
now they're yours 
white and fresh and clean 
smelling of heaven.

(from Joseph Bayly's Psalms of My Life; sponsored link)


   Lord, I cast all my cares upon you. 
   I lay all of my burdens down at your feet. 
   And even though I don't know what to do, 
   I just cast all my cares upon you.


Be thou my vision. 
Be thou my wisdom 
and my righteousness. 
Be thou my peace, my wholeness, my Shalom. 
Be thou my kindness and grace, 
my health and rest, 
my light and salvation. 
Be my joy, 
my everything, 
my all-in-all, 
in Jesus' name, amen.


Lord, I know there are millions of travelers on the roads and rails, on the seas and in the skies today, 
and you love and care for them all. 
But please keep a watchful eye on me, 
in Jesus' name, amen.

Friend of Sinners

Jesus, thank you that you are a friend of sinners, 
or else where would I be?

Eternity Within

I thank Thee, O Lord, that Thou hast so set eternity within my heart that no earthly thing can ever satisfy me wholly. I thank Thee that every present joy is so mixed with sadness and unrest as to lead my mind upwards to the contemplations of a more perfect blessedness. And above all I thank Thee for the sure hope and promise of an endless life which Thou hast given me in the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen. 

(a prayer of John Baillie in A Diary of Private Prayer; photo by EvgeniT via