A Wedding Day Prayer

Lord, bless them and keep them.
Make your face shine upon them
and be gracious to them.
Warm them with your smile
and give them peace.

Give them a love that burns like fire
and many waters cannot quench
and rivers cannot wash away,
a love that is stronger than death
and lasts longer than life.

For Kind Treatment

I praise you, Lord!
You treat me with kindness
day after day.

(based on Psalm 68:19, CEV)


Thank you, God, my Father,
for the path I am on,
for the distance I have traveled,
for the heights I have climbed,
the depths I have plunged,
the turns I have taken,
and the Presence I have enjoyed
every step of the way,
in Jesus' name, amen.

A Short Prayer for Summer

Sunshine on my face,
a breeze in the shade,
a burlap sack race,
a sweet sip of lemonade.

For these I give you thanks, O God.

(based on Rick Hamlin's "Ten Prayers for Summer")

A Prayer for Summer

A sudden thundershower,
fresh peaches,
a mouthful of watermelon seeds,
crushed mint,
a Frisbee on the beach:

For these I give you thanks, O God.

(one of "Ten Prayers for Summer" by Rick Hamlin, executive editor of Guideposts)

For Today

Gungor Prayer

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On Sunday Morning

Glory to you, King, God almighty, who through your divine and loving providence have consented that I, an unworthy sinner, should rise from sleep and obtain entrance into your holy house. Accept, Lord, the voice of my prayer as you accept those of your holy and spiritual powers. And that not through my defiled lips, but from a pure heart and humble spirit. Praise may be offered to you so that I also, with the bright lamp of my soul, may become a companion of the wise virgins and glorify you, God the Word, who is glorified in the Father and the Spirit. Amen.