Let Me Not

by your great mercy,
by your wonder-working power,
let me not
disappoint you,
frustrate my loved ones,
embarrass the angels,
or vindicate those who expect the worst from me,
in anything I do today,
in Jesus' name,

Pampas Grass

why did you
make pampas grass?

And why
did you
let me plant it?

(photo via everystockphoto.com)


Thank you, God, for the interruption to a hectic day, and the cleansing effect of a laugh. Thank you God that I can hear and see this, in order to so fully enjoy it. Thank you that my lungs work, so I can bark out “HA! That’s funny!” and it heals me more effectively than a thousand sighs. Thank you for the Holy Spirit, who moves on the air I breath, and therefore on all of my tears and laughter and carries them where you will....Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for my life, I do not appreciate enough.

Thank you, God, that a few minutes spent in frivolity only [lead] me back to you, who—being all good—can only be my joy.

(a prayer of The Anchoress, which she posted after a friend sent her a funny video. The photo is of my grandson Miles when he was younger)


(a prayer suggested by a comment my pastor made in church yesterday)

For Hunger for Wholeness and Restoration

(a prayer from the book, Embracing Your Freedom: A Personal Experience of God's Heart for Justice, by Susie Larson)