My Psalm 29

Bob Hostetler

Lord, I praise you,
from what little strength I have,
for your glory and strength.

I give you glory, Lord, which is your due,
because of your great name.
I worship you for the beauty of your holiness.

You speak, Lord, in the rains:
your glory thunders in the skies
and pours out in torrents.
Your voice is powerful;
your voice is majestic.
Your voice splinters the mightiest trees;
a word from your mouth reduces them to kindling.
Your rumblings make the landscape dance;
your power rattles the mountains.
Your voice flames across the sky in the lightning.
Your voice shakes the forests,
and makes the deserts tremble.
Your voice uproots mighty oaks,
and denudes the forests,
and in your presence every knee bows
and every tongue cries out your glory.

You rule over the natural forces of this earth.
You reign as king over drought and flood,
tornado and hurricane,
volcanos and tides,
fire and ice.

Mighty Lord, Adonai, please give some of that strength to your people
and bless your people with peace, like the calm that follows the storm.

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