Train My Hands for Warfare

Abba, I'm a pastor.
I was ordained as a pastor 27 years ago.
And yet I still haven't grown accustomed
to the Enemy's darts and daggers.
Please, Lord, either steel me against discouragement
or train my hands to fight.
Should I expect that every Sunday someone's going to tell me
that I disappointed them,
that I let them down,
that someone else is upset with me because I didn't do enough?
Should I anticipate, when I walk away from a celebration
thinking, "Wow, that was wonderful, Lord, thank you!"
that someone is gonna contact me
and say, "That was terrible, what're you gonna do about it?"
I know that sheep will bleat,
but will I never have a break from criticism
and fault-finding
and nit-picking
except when I am on vacation
or worshiping with someone else's flock?

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