My Psalm 88

O LORD, God of my salvation;
Morning and evening I lay my needs before you.
Listen, please, Lord.
Hear what I'm saying.
My soul is in need, as always.
My moods are too changeful.
While I feel renewed in your Spirit
and my mind and heart are hungrier than ever,
and I feel like I've come through a dark valley
into fields of green and gold,
I am still far too easily brought down
by the negativity of others
and the awareness of people's disapproval.
I am not a victim of circumstance...
but I too often act like one,
as though the pit is always a step or two ahead of me.

But, Lord, I say to you now,
while I have strength to say it,
let my companions shun me;
let people misunderstand me,
let the uninformed be ungracious toward me!
I rely upon you, O LORD;
I spread out my hands to you.
Your steadfast love is my food,
your faithfulness is my drink.
As long as you continue to reveal your wonders to me
and to your church,
I will trust you to teach me
not to care what others say or believe about me.

You know my heart.
Every morning my prayer comes before you.
Though it may feel like it at times, you never cast me away
or hide your face from me.
I am nothing without you.
I am helpless without you.
Whatever attacks you allow to come my way
I will do my best, by your grace, to withstand,
and to remember that even when former companions
believe lies or tell lies about me,
that every affliction you allow me to suffer
is an opportunity to learn and grow and conquer! Hallelujah! Amen.

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