A Prayer of Appreciation for The Loft

What you have done, Lord God Adonai!
What you have done.
You led your people Cobblestone
to fifty acres
we never knew to ask for.
You guided us
through the thorns and brambles
of banks and funding
and plans and permits
and clearing and grading and building.
By your grace, we moved in
just one year ago.
We enter a building this morning
that is already furnished.
We sit on chairs
we don't have to put away
when worship is over.
We enjoy a commodious auditorium
and welcoming atrium
and accessible classrooms
and ample parking
and displays
and filtered water
and heating we control
and lighting we adjust
and a fine sound system
and so much more.
Oh, God, you have blessed your people
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much.
Thank you so very much.

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