Family Thanks

Lord God, you have been so kind to me
through my family,
and you are still and ever kind.

Thank you for my wife, the lovely Robin.
Thank you that she still loves me
despite knowing me better than anyone but you
for these past thirty-six years!
Thank you that she will still go out with me,
that she will still (sometimes) laugh at my jokes,
that she is still so strange as to not think me strange.

Thank you for my awesome children,
such incredibly bright,
sweet-natured daughter and son.
Thank you for their love for me.

Thank you for the husband my daughter chose
and the wife my son married.
Thank you that I have such a man,
and such a woman,
to love my children,
and to parent my grandchildren.

Thank you for my grandchildren.
Oh, how can I thank you?
Thank you for Miles.
Thank you for Mia.
Thank you for Calleigh.
Oh, Lord, how they fill my heart
and what sweet exhaustion they bring to my life!

Thank you that they all know you,
and love you,
and serve you.
Thank you that my children and grandchildren
are faithful servants,
committed to the church.
Thank you for all their forgiveness
and patience
and grace
and perseverance
as a pastor's kids.

Thank you that I see them so often,
and that as often as I see them
and spend time with them,
I still can't wait to see them again.
And thank you that (I think)
they even like spending time with me.

And with all that, my thanks aren't done,
but like your mercies,
are new every morning.

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