I never imagined
I'd be this old, Lord.

I never gave it a thought.

I'm now four years older
than my mother when she died,
yet just over half
of the course my father has
so far run.

Yet I thank you
that this old
is not so old
as it once was,
and that I am not quite
so decrepit
as I once imagined
53 to be.

Thank you for so many
and mercies
you have so far shown.

Thank you for each sunrise
and sunset,
for so many--countless--
healthful and happy times.

Guide me, O Thou Great Jehovah;
lead me all my journey through.



LearningByReading said...

Yes age 53 seems old but hot tea and good decisions go along way to extending your life much longer!!

Ronnies said...

it might be funny to think that here on earth, the age of 53 or so is somehow related to a real long period of time.

But once we are in heaven, we are going to live in eternity, and 53 years seem just nothing

Either way, I believe your grateful approach to life has been a blessing to people around you =)

God bless you