Another Psalm 3

Lord, thank you that I have no one to trouble me!
Thank you that none are rising up against me.
Thank you that (to my knowledge) people no longer have to gossip about me.

Sure, I know that it's not because people have changed,
but mainly because my role is different these days.
And I'm grateful for that.

You, Lord, are my shield in any case;
your mercy and grace to me are glorious.
You lift me up when I'm down
and show me the way to greater peace and blessing.

I cried out to you, and you answered.
I can lay down and sleep without tossing and turning;
the knots in my neck and shoulders are gone.
You've once again sustained me, revived me, and provided for me.

I'm glad to be where you've placed me.
I'm happy to leave justice in your hands.

Deliverance comes from you.
You cover me.

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