Another Psalm 5

Here I am, Lord, praying,
groaning. Can you hear?
Are you listening,
my King, my God,
my all in all,
my only source and supply and strength?

Morning by morning,
I call on you,
I say the same things most days,
and I wait for you to answer.

I know you take no pleasure in wickedness,
I know you hate sin more than anyone.
And yet.
And yet.
There they stand in their pride.
Their lies, their poison, their deception continues unabated.

But wait.
Here I stand, too.
I can only enter your house because of your unfailing love.
I can only approach your presence because of your great mercy.
I should not be so impatient for justice, should I? Lest it fall on me.

I need you, Lord.
I need your presence and guidance
or my enemies will get the best of me.
But you will have to spell things out for me.
You will have to make it obvious,
because I am up against it;
my enemy is a liar and a thief, a gossip and a cheat,
a foul and clever flatterer.
And I am a sucker.

O God, help.
You alone are my hope,
my refuge.
Give me cause to rejoice, once more,
and forever.

Spread your wings of protection over me,
pour out your blessings upon me,
for I know you love to bless those who love you,
and envelop us in your care.

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