A Prayer for Christians in the Middle East

God, Our Father,
have mercy on the Middle East.
Your faithful servants – young and old alike –
are called to witness to Christ.
May they be strengthened during this time of turmoil
as they seek to follow your beloved Son,
who Himself walked their ancient homelands.

In union with Pope Francis,
and our Catholic, Syrian Orthodox, and Coptic brothers and sisters
along with all Christians in the Middle East,
we pray that they may be enabled to live their faith in full freedom.
Embolden them to act as instruments
of peace and reconciliation,
united with all the citizens of their countries.
Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord,


(based on a Prayer for Aid to the Church in Need by Coptic Catholic Patriarch Emeritus Cardinal Antonios Naguib of Alexandria, Egypt, found here; illustration is an icon in the Catechetical Institute, Assiut, Upper Egypt)

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