Now and Then

Almighty God, thank you
that you not only loved me,
but you love me right now.
Thank you that you saved me
and are saving me.
Thank you that you spoke,
and that you speak.
Thank you that you gave yourself for me
and that you give yourself to me.
Thank you that you thought of me eons ago
and think of me still,
that you made a way for me
and make a way for me still,
that you answered my prayers
and answer them still.
Thank you, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,
that you are the God of the living THEN
and of my life NOW,
in Jesus' name, amen.


Willa said...

Bob - have you ever wondered how and why they chose this symbol to represent Moses? I have and have not came up with an answer. I have found that a Laminin which holds our body together looks like this and I wonder if this was chosen because Moses held the Israelites together. Do you have any ideas? If you do let me in on them. Curious - Willa

Hoss said...

Willa, I think it's an artful representation of the bronze serpent Moses lifted up in the wilderness (Numbers 21).