About Gospel Astonishment

Glorious Triune God, on this Lord's Day I'm overwhelmed as I ponder the immeasurable and irrepressible goodness of the life we have in Jesus. Gospel astonishment pretty well described what I'm feeling. I want to shout and shut up at the same time.

You didn't just invite me to become a Christian; you called me and adopted me as your own child. Now I call you Abba, Father, as the Holy Spirit continues to free my heart from acting like a homeless, fatherless orphan. Thank you, Father, that because of the work of Jesus, you will never love me more than you do today and you will never love me less! What wondrous love is this indeed!

Lord Jesus, help me to grasp your grasp of me. I am both kept by you and kept for you. Nothing can pull me from your hand or tear me from your heart. Many times this seems too good to be true, but it is all the assurance I need to face the rest of my life, even the next hour.

Indeed, Holy Spirit, bring from the throne of grace into my heart and story an abundance of mercy, for I am a foolish man; peace, for I am a broken man; and love, for I am a selfish man. Be praised on this Lord's Day and every day, O glorious and grace-full God! I pray in Jesus' exalted name. Amen.

(a prayer from Everyday Prayers by Scotty Smith)

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