From Yesterday's Writing

Lord Jesus, you say so much in just a few words.
You teach me to forgive, even as you show me how much I have to learn.
You remind me how much I’ve been forgiven, and how much mercy and grace have been showered on me, and then you invite me to be like that.
I can be like that? I can forgive as I have been forgiven?
As willingly?
As fully?
As constantly?
Seems crazy, but you must mean it, because you command it.
If you command it, you can do it, in me and through me.
So I pray, forgive me as I forgive others.
I want my mercy to be expanded until it is like yours.
I want my forgiving to echo yours.
I want your grace and kindness to flow through me…even to those who have hurt me, who have sinned against me.
Forgive me as I forgive.

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