Prayer for a Blog

What an age we live in, Lord. What a joy and honor I have to be able to host "A Thousand Ways to Pray," and enter a discussion with other people about prayer via the internet.

I pray for this new venture. I ask you to be in charge of it. I don't ask you to help me with; I ask you to let me help you with it. Let me follow you. Let me hear from you and share with others through this digital window of opportunity that is mine. Inspire me, please. Aid me in the writing of posts. Send me to people and send people to me to open a dialogue that will enlarge and enrich our prayer lives. Let the content move people to comment on posts. Prod readers to bookmark the blog and add it to their blog reader. Prompt people to tweet and retweet posts, to "share" them on Facebook and "pin" them on Pinterest. Suggest to readers friends who might appreciate an emailed link to a post. And start a conversation that will make a difference in people's lives and in their marriages, families, churches, neighborhoods, and world, in Jesus' name, amen.

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