Another Psalm 11

Lord, I take refuge in you.

It doesn't matter what others say to me,
whether they tell me to flee like a bird seeking shelter
or point out that the wicked are aiming, like expert archers nocking an arrow, to shoot through the dark at me,
or throwing up their hands, saying, "the very foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

It doesn't matter.
You are in your holy temple;
you are seated on your cosmic throne;
your eyes see it all, you miss nothing.

If I'm being tested, you're still in charge;
you still hate wickedness and oppose violence.
You will punish the wicked
and send calamity on them.

I will rest in your righteousness,
and do my best to reflect it with my behavior,
as I look to you,
as I seek your face.

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