For Things I Too Often Take for Granted

Thank you, Lord, for the things I too often take for granted,
things too numerous to mention.

Thank you that my wife loves me.
That you that my children seem to like me.
Thank you that my grandchildren tolerate me.

Thank you that I slept last night,
that my joints don't ache,
that I can hold down food.

Thank you that I can see, hear, smell, taste, and feel.
Thank you for my clothes.
Thank you for hot showers and clean sheets.
Thank you for coffee,
and winter sunshine.

Thank you for the many people who overlook my faults.
Thank you for the ability--and many reasons--to smile.
Thank you for my salvation.
Thank you for prayer.
Thank you for the grace to thank you.
Thank you for you.

(photo courtesy of stock.xchng)

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