Mindful of the Moment

Be with me, Lord,
from the moment when I wake,
through the day and night ahead
and until I wake again...

Slow me down, Lord,
when I go too fast,
when I'm running 'round in circles:
pace my steps today that I might do
what's truly mine to do...

Help me lay aside the foolish things
that I don't really need
and lay down all the burdens
I need no longer carry...

Calm my fears
and ease my worries,
lift my spirits,
give me rest...

Open my ears to hear your voice,
my eyes to glimpse your beauty,
my heart to fill with love,
my mind to know your counsel,
my thirsty soul to drink your mercy
and my mouth to give you praise...

Keep me mindful of the moment, Lord,
this day that you have made:
help me find the peace it holds
and the gifts that it may bring...


(a prayer from A Concord Pastor Comments)

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