Saturday Psalm 108

My heart is fixed, O God;
I will sing
and make melody in my heart.
I will put the sweetest songbirds
to shame today;
I will awaken the dawn.

I will glorify you, O LORD, everywhere I go;
I will sing your praise
in front of anybody,
because your love
is enormous,
greater than the expanse of the universe.

So why shouldn't your praise be likewise
lifted above the heavens?
I can't possibly give you the glory you deserve.

Save us, Lord, and help us with your right hand,
show your love by working wonders for us.

You spoke from your sanctuary;
you promised to give your people victory,
and lead us into a spacious place.

And you have certainly done so,
but we still struggle so much.
Sometimes our salvation seems so fragile,
and our deliverance so far off.

Send us help against the enemy,
for all human help is worthless.

With you, Lord, we will gain the victory,
we will do valiantly,
and you will trample on our foes!

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