Saturday Psalm #128

Lord, I am so blessed
because I revere you,
because I have (however falteringly) walked in your ways.

You have blessed my labors,
you have granted prosperity
by your kindness and grace.

You have blessed me with a wife
who is so lovely,
and loving.

You have given me children
who are like olive shoots,
always producing good things,
and grandchildren who are unfailing joys to my heart.

Thus have I been blessed
by my relationship with you.

Keep it up, Lord.
Bless me with your holy presence
all the days of my life.

May I see the prosperity of Jerusalem,
signs of your favor on my nation, community, and church,
and may the lovely Robin and I live to see you pour out
still more blessing on us and ours.
Let your peace rest
on all your people,

(based on Psalm 128; photo via

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