Today in Your Classroom

Rabbi, Teacher, Lord, thank you for all you are teaching me these days.

Through self-quarantining and semi-seclusion, you are teaching me to persevere and deny myself. 

Through scarcity and need you are teaching me to recognize you as the source of my daily bread, to rely on you for the supply of all my needs, and to plan carefully and choose wisely. 

Through delay and waiting you are teaching me patience and trust, reminding me that "in quietness and confidence" is my strength (Isaiah 30:15).

Through changing circumstances you are are teaching me (again) to pray, and to remember from whence my help--and help for my children and grandchildren--comes.

Through disappointment and difficulty, you are teaching me humility, contentment, and new ways of doing old things.

Through it all, Lord, I can see your hand, and your wisdom. Through it all, teach me some of that wisdom, the kind that comes only from you. Help me to learn such lessons well so as to learn the next one--and the ones after that--quicker and better, in Jesus' name, amen.

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