On Ryder's Birthday

Lord, I pray for this boy on his ninth birthday. 
Thank you for him and his ebullient spirit,
for his brilliant mind and tender heart, 
and for his blessedly good health. 
Please continue the good, good work you began in him, 
and for which I prayed at his dedication, 
making him like Enoch, who walked with God; 
like Gideon, who though the circumstances of his birth 
were far from perfect, 
who though his family was of no reputation, 
who though he had many disadvantages in life arrayed against him, 
learned that with God even the smallest can be great;
and making him like David, the man after God's own heart, 
who knew what it was not only to walk with you 
not only to fight and win great battles on your behalf, 
but who also knew how to dance before you. 
Make it so, in this boy's life, 
on today, his birthday, and every day to come. 

Give him and his parents and his sisters
every blessing and every advantage, 
in Jesus' name, amen. 

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