My Psalm 6

Bob Hostetler

Adonai, please spare me from your anger;
in your discipline, please be gentle.
Lord, have mercy on me right now; I am weak.
Be tender with me; I’m fragile.
I don’t even know, really, what’s wrong with me;
how long will it be like this?

Abba, return to me and save me;
flood me again with your kindness.
Dead spirits don't remember you;
people stuck in the depths of depression don't praise you.

I am worn out; I’m even tired of crying on your shoulder.
Some nights I sleep okay,
some nights I toss and turn.
Some days I seem constantly close to tears,
other days I feel numb and unable to cry.

I feel like screaming, “Get away from me,
all you who do evil,
you whiners,
you complainers;
all you with petty agendas,
and transparent strategies.
Just leave me alone.”
Lord, give me faith to believe that you hear my crying.
Help me hope that you have heard my cry for help
and will answer my prayer.
Let all those who want to spread doubt and division—
who would rather complain than serve,
who withhold forgiveness while asserting their righteousness,
who have a million ideas but no desire to pitch in—
let them be ashamed and troubled.
Let them turn and suddenly leave in shame.

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