Thanks for Weaknesses

copyright Bob Hostetler

God, I give thanks to you for my every weakness, fault, failing, and imperfection--
my pride and "need" to be right,
my perfectionism,
my need for security,
my obsessive-compulsive nature,
my tendency to lust and gluttony,
my impatience,
my difficulty in listening to others,
my rude tendency to interrupt,
my leanings to self-pity,
my greed,
my foolishness,
my cluelessness,
my wont to act precipitously,
my people-pleasing ways,
my reluctance to confront and speak truth--
I accept these (and oh, so many, many more) as a favor from you and a means of your working your gracious will in my life; open doors for me to learn humility and dependence on you; reminders that you are far from done with me, and have not given up on me; and opportunities for you to show yourself strong in and through my weakness; for all of which I am grateful, in Jesus' name, amen.

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