My Psalm 48

You are great, Lord,
and you deserve the greatest possible praise
here where I live
as well as in that beautiful city of God,
on your holy mountain.

I see it in my mind’s eye, Lord:
Beautiful in elevation,
the joy of the whole earth,
Mount Zion, at the pinnacle
of the city of David, the city of the great King.
You have made yourself known there, Lord;
your presence is palpable on that hill.

Make me like that city, Lord.
Make me a walking Jerusalem,
that causes people—high and low—to sing your praise,
that multitudes passing by might be amazed,
that doers of wickedness might be dismayed,
and run away from your might displayed in my life.
As you have established the city of God,
establish your work in me: firm, fast, forever.

I remember your lovingkindness, O God,
I praise you among worshiping throngs.
Your name is great, O God;
so let your praise be great, to the ends of the earth.
Your hand sows blessings all around.

Let Mount Zion be glad.
Let peace enter that city again.
Let the residents of Judah rejoice,
and acknowledge your wisdom and justice.
I remember fondly walking about Zion,
walking on her mighty walls,
and marveling at her bustling beauty.
As you established Zion, Lord,
please establish the work of my hands,
my eternal God;
be my guide through my life,
all the way to my death,
in Jesus’ name, amen.

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