My Psalm 53

Lord God,
the fool says in his heart,
"There is no God."
Those are ignorant words, and vile;
and yet I too often reflect them
in my behavior
and in my small believing.
You look down from heaven
on the six billion people of this earth,
and you must be astounded at our lack of faith,
the dearth of those who truly seek you.
I am so good at turning away.
I am skilled at corrupting myself;
and fooling myself,
time and time again.
Will I never learn?
I am like a hen pecking at seed,
keeping my eyes trained on the ground,
neglecting to lift my gaze to you.
I let myself become overwhelmed and stressed,
where there is nothing to fear.
You obliterate those who oppose you,
you are never at anyone’s mercy.

Oh, that salvation for me,
for mine,
for my church,
would come like David’s armies out of Zion!
Restore the fortunes of your people,
so dazzlingly that we will let sing and leap and dance!

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