Namely, Thanks

Thank you my Lord God Adonai
for the amazing
and wonderful company
of men and women
who comprise my church family,
who enrich me through community,
who make me better than I can be alone,
who teach me,
and challenge me,
and correct me,
and encourage me,
Thank you for Kay,
Thank you for Vic,
Thank you for Deb,
Thank you for Mark,
Thank you for Lynette,
Thank you for Bob,
for Robin,
for Lois,
for Rich,
for Cheryl,
for Mike;
Thank you for John,
Thank you for Kay,
Thank you for Jon,
Thank you for Karen,
for Bear,
for Henry,
for Daryl,
for Gretchen,
for Jim,
for Marge;
Thank you for Cody,
Thank you for Barb,
Thank you for Bill,
Thank you for Scott,
Thank you for Julie,
for Dawn,
for Bob,
for Alice,
for Leslye,,
for Bill,
for Deb,
for Shena;
Thank you for Bev,
for Phil,
for Amber,
for Patty,
for Helen,
for Gary,
for Denise,
for Pat Lanni,
for Lori,
for Chris;
Thank you for Phyllis,
thank you for Mike,
for Manette,
for Peggy,
for Shery,
for Susan,
for David,
for Rita,
for Derek;
Thank you for Barbara,
for Jason,
for Wendy;
Thank you for Philip,
for Diana,
for Edna,
for Lois,
for Bill,
for Paula,
for Tammy,
for Bob,
for Coralee;
Thank you for Bob,
for Melissa,
thank you for Alice,
for Nathan,
for Ken,
for Pat,
for Brad,
for Tiffany;
Thank you for Angie,
for Val,
for Holly,
for Jeremy,
for Caroline;
Thank you for Josh,
thank you for Kristin,
for Dale,
for Karen,
for Mike Buell,
for Laurel,
for John,
for Carla,
for Jamie,
for Jackie;
Thank you for Jo,
for Jeff,
for Kelley,
for Linda,
for Craig,
for Nancy,
for John,
for Bonnie,
for Richard,
for Gib,
for Patty,
for Shawn,
for Kelli;
Thank you for Mike,
and for Lisa,
for Andrew Holzworth,
and for Anna Holzworth;
Thank you for Sharla,
thank you for Bruce,
for Lacey,
for Jim,
for Matt,
for Debbie;
Thank you for Stephanie,
and for Melanie,
for Jeff,
for Cathy,
for Johnny,
for Shelley,
for Tony,
for Cindi,
for Todd,
for Samantha;
Thank you for for Linda,
for Kelly,
for Christy,
and for Doug,
and for Bethany;
Thank you for Liz,
for Robert,
for Aaron,
for Nina,
for Aubrey,
for Kevin,
for Ryan,
for Anna,
for John,
and for Guy;
Thank you for Beth,
for Jayme,
thank you for Mike,
for Tara,
for Wes,
and for Kristy.
Thank you for every one, Lord,
who comprises your gift to me
of my church family, in Jesus' name, amen.


Random Chick said...

Did you list all of your friends and family etc?
Smart idea really, because all people we meet influence us in some way; we learn something from everyone

Hoss said...

They're all the members of my church family.