My Psalm 94

O LORD, my God,
God who avenges,
shine your light.

Stand up, Judge of all the earth;
and give the proud
what they deserve.

I'm so tired of seeing the wicked
have their fun
and wreak their havoc
while so many good people
suffer at their hands.

They make evil assumptions,
spread rumors,
tell lies,
and never once reflect on their own arrogance
and spitefulness.

They enrage me
and they crush your people, LORD,
and hamstring the church.

They don't stop to think that you see--
and why should they,
for it looks for all the world
like you intend to let them get away with it all.

Give me patience
to wait for you
and trust your justice
and your timing.

You formed the ear; you hear everything.
You fashioned the eye; you see all.
You discipline whole nations,
and you are adequate to teach puny haters
a lesson.

You know the thoughts of man, LORD.
You know that they are futile.

Let me be the man you discipline, O LORD,
let me be the man you teach from your law;
grant me relief from the machinations of petty people,
and surround your people with protection.

LORD, I know you will not reject your people;
you will not forsake the flock
nor let them be ravaged by wolves in sheeps' clothing.

You yourself will rise up against the wicked.
You yourself will stand against evildoers.

How many times would I have been lost
if you, LORD, had not given me help?
How many times, when my foot was slipping,
did your loving hand reach out to me and find me
and lift me to safety?

When depression dragged me down,
your consolation brought joy to my soul.

I entrust to you
all those who band together against the righteous
and condemn your redeemed.

You are my fortress,
and the rock that shelters me from harm.
I trust you to save me
and your flock
from all who seek our destruction,
in Jesus' name, amen.

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