Day of Wonders

Give us a day of wonders,
Jehovah, bare thine arm;
Pour out thy Holy Spirit,
Make known thy healing balm;
Give blessings without number,
Supply us from thy store;
Dear Saviour, richly bless us,
Baptize us more and more.

Lord, hear us while we pray!
Lord, hear us while we pray!
Now thy Spirit give,
let the dying live,
And bless us here today.

We offer Thee this temple.
With power, Lord, enter in
And teach us when we worship
Or wage the war with sin.
O may the sinner find thee
Within these hallowed walls,
Here may young, eager spirits
Obey when Jesus calls!

Give courage for the battle,
Give strength thy foes to slay;
Give light to cheer the darkness,
Give grace from day to day;
Give rest amidst life's conflict,
Give peace when lions roar;
Give faith to fight with patience
Till fighting days are o'er.

(A hymn by John Lawley, 1859-1922)

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