Various and Sundry Thanks

Thank you, Lord,
a million times thank you.
You are such a gracious God,
such a kind Father,
such a patient Friend.

Thank you for all you enabled me
to accomplish today,
and all the challenges
you've put before me tomorrow.

Thank you for a lovely date night with my bride.
Thank you that I have such a wife,
such children,
and such grandchildren.

Thank you for answered prayer today for Calleigh,
who continues to grow
and enjoy good health.

Thank you for the books I am reading.
Thank you for the food I have eaten.
Thank you for the restful night that awaits me.
Thank you for the joy and blessing
of studying your Word,
and for the inestimable privilege
of preparing another message tomorrow
for your people.

Thank you that I am a child of the King,
a servant of the Most High.
Thank you that I am blessed with every spiritual blessing
in Christ Jesus.
Thank you that I am a joint-heir with Jesus.
Thank you that I am more than conqueror,
a victor, not a victim,
the head and not the tail.

Thank you that I am not what the Enemy says I am,
what I fear I am,
what others think I am,
but that I am what your gracious will
declares me to be,
in Jesus' name, amen.

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