Thanks by Number

Thank you, Lord God, for the
1 wife you have given me,
2 children I'm so proud of,
2 awesome people they married,
2 wonderful parents I was born to,
2 older brothers I grew up with,
2 paid-off cars that still run,
2 accountability partners to meet with,
2 sharp eyes,
2 good ears,
2 strong legs,
2 good arms,
3 amazing grandchildren,
3 fine pastors I labor beside,
4 godly grandparents,
4 trips to Israel we've enjoyed,
4 churches I've pastored,
10 fingers to type with,
30 years of ministry,
33 years of marriage, and more than
52 years, and more than
625 months, and more than
19,027 days, and more than
456,648 hours, and more than
27,406,080 minutes of life so far.

And that just scratches the surface.

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