On the Anniversary of My Ordination

Most loving Jesus, today is the anniversary of the day on which, despite my unworthiness and through your goodness, you graciously ordained me to the ministry, thirty years ago.

You have taken me through many twists and turns since that day, and yet your hand is still on me and your presence still with me, granting the privilege of ministering to others the message of reconciliation, the voice of your sublime wisdom, and the divine mysteries. My soul is filled with joy, love, and gratitude for this wholly undeserved privilege I have received. At the same time, I am sad and troubled for having so often, and without reason, failed to respond as I ought to your great generosity.

I beg the continual assistance of your infinite goodness which will enable me to accomplish the sublime work for which you have commissioned me. Grant your light in my mind and your strength in my heart that I may daily dispense in greater abundance the fruits of your redemption to all people. Amen.

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