Prayer on Our Thirty-Third Wedding Anniversary

Lord God, thank you so much
for the gift
of thirty-three years
of marriage,
and thirty-six years

Thank you for the love which grows more precious and for the bonds which grow closer each day. Thank you for all the happiness we've known together; for the sorrows we have faced together; for all the experiences of sunshine and of shadow through which we have come, up to today.

Thank you for the gift of children--and such children--and grandchildren--and such grandchildren! Thank you that our wedding was only the beginning of our joys, and that our devotion to each other and to you has grown with each passing year.

Graciously spare us to each other to go on walking through this life together, and grant that for us it may be true that the best is yet to be: through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Lucy said...

Cool pic! It looks like it could have been taken in a Salvation Army chapel! God bless you on your anniversary, and grant you many more to come! :)

Hoss said...

You're right, Lucy. Chillicothe (OH) Corps.