The House of My Soul is Narrow

O Lord,
The house of my soul is narrow;
enlarge it that you may enter in.
It is ruinous, O repair it!
It displeases Your sight.
I confess it, I know.
But who shall cleanse it,
to whom shall I cry but to you?
Cleanse me from my secret faults, O Lord,
and spare Your servant from strange sins.

(A prayer of St. Augustine)


rashidajones said...

Acknowledge your personal relationship with God as His child. Recognize that God is holy and powerful and give Him the reverence that He deserves. Having a loving relationship with God is like that between a parent and child.


Angela said...

Hi Bob,
I love, love, love your blog. It is refreshing to see prayer daily uploaded for the world to see.

I pray God's continued blessing be with you always.