My Psalm 129

Lord, you know who is against me,
you know who has mistreated me,
and I am content
to leave it all in your hands.
They will not gain the victory.

I don't need
anything you don't supply,
and I can withstand
anything you allow.

And you have been so righteous and faithful;
you have freed me from the cords of the wicked,
you have saved me from depression,
you have liberated me from the fear of man!

May all who hate and hurt your people
be turned back from further damage.
Show them their sin, and grant them repentance,
but if they refuse, let them be like new grass in a heat wave,
which withers before it can grow.

But may those who love your church
and defend her
be abundantly blessed,
in Jesus' name, amen.


Anonymous said...

Could I get a translation or all the words in your picture?

Hoss said...
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Hoss said...

It's a calligraphic depiction of Psalm 129, and it's in Russian, Ukrainian and Latin. It and other similar beautiful works can be found at,English/