My Psalm 132

remember your people Cobblestone
and all the labor and sacrifice
your people have made
over the years--
the pleasures they have foregone,
the purchases they delayed or decided against,
the sacrifices they made--
to provide land
and a ministry home
for your work in
and around Oxford,
a dwelling for the Mighty One of Jacob.

And now, Lord, people go up to The Loft,
they worship wholeheartedly in that place,
they experience miracles,
and you are blessing.
Your ministers are clothed with righteousness,
and your saints sing for joy.

For the sake of your name,
and for the sake of all who gave
and worked
and prayed
and sacrificed,
please look on us,
and bless us again,
with generous offerings,
with faithful tithes.
Move your people to give,
move your church to support your work,
and move us all to defy the economy,
to reject fear,
and to become a witness to our community
by the way we provide and manage your resources.

Be enthroned among your people;
bless your church with abundant provisions,
and use her to provide the poor with food.
Clothe your people with salvation,
and let us go on and on singing for joy.

Liberate us,
light us,
and lead us
in victory over all your enemies,

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