Thanks in Hardship

Abba, Father,
you know
recent weeks have been
even depressing.

But your Word tells me to give thanks in everything.

So thank you.

Thank you for the gift of
eight to twelve more hours in my week.
Thank you for a more livable schedule.
Thank you for more time with people who love me.
Thank you for a sharper focus,
a clearer head,
a clean conscience,
and a growing freedom from stress and obligation.

Thank you that in all things
I am more than conqueror
through him who loves me.

Thank you that you are leading me,
though I don't know where.
Thank you for the sense
that you are about to open new doors
and make possible new opportunities
that I might not otherwise have seen or taken.


Jessica said...

Beautifully said. He is always restoring our souls, even after bitter disappointment. What an awesome Dad we have.

The Hamons said...

Love you, Uncle Bob. I don't know if you saw my FB status the other day about how proud I am of the men in my family. But I had you in mind especially. While I don't know details, I do know that you've handled all that you and your family are going through with such beautiful grace (at least that which you've voiced publicly! :) ).

Anonymous said...

Amen and very timely prayer. He always provides one way or another for his children. Loving your blog, these prayers are always so 'on' time everyday that I read them.

But, isn't that just like our God, always on time. Loving the Blog.


Sharla Racioppa said...

Wow Hoss couldn't have said it better myself. Words I am breathing everyday! Thanks for being YOU!

Hoss said...

Thanks, Lis. You're right. I AM handling it beautifully. And humbly, too. :)

Hoss said...

Thanks, Alicia. I appreciate the kind words.

Hoss said...

Thanks, Sharla. Backatcha. God is good...all the time.