Praising the God of the Bible

God of Genesis, you created the world, and made it teem with life;
God of Exodus, you led your people out of bondage and made them a nation;
God of Leviticus, you established your worship in Israel and now throughout the whole earth;
God of Numbers, you are Lord of all, of the many and of the few (and of the alone);
God of Deuteronomy, you are the great Lawgiver;
God of Joshua, you lead your people to victory;
God of Judges, you always return your people’s heart to you;
God of Ruth, you care for all, and establish your work through widows, the poor, and foreigners;
God of Samuel, you raise up priests and prophets to do your bidding;
God of Kings, you establish and depose the rulers of men;
God of the Chronicles, you do not leave yourself without a testimony of your mighty works;
God of Ezra, you always show up when your Word is exalted;
God of Nehemiah, you rebuild and restore your people time and time again;
God of Esther, all nations, peoples, and times are in your hands;
God of Job, you are sovereign over all and no one can accuse you of wrong;
God of the Psalms, you fill my heart with song, my mouth with praises, and my feet with dancing;
God of Proverbs, you are God only wise, and in your hand is all knowledge;
God of Ecclesiastes, you bring all our vanity to the dust;
God of Solomon’s Song, you are my beloved, and I am yours;
God of Isaiah, you are exalted, a God who fulfills his promises;
God of Jeremiah, you are a God of great and mysterious ways;
God of Lamentations, you are a God who weeps for his people;
God of Ezekiel, you are a God of signs and wonders;
God of Daniel, you are a God who honors faithfulness and brings low the proud;
God of Hosea, you are faithful, even when I am faithless;
God of Joel, you restore all that your righteous wrath destroys;
God of Amos, you warn your people again and again of the dangers and deceits of sin;
God of Obadiah, you will establish your kingdom, God of all nations;
God of Jonah, you show mercy to all who repent;
God of Micah, you repeatedly show compassion to your wayward children;
God of Nahum, you judge the nations in righteousness;
God of Habakkuk, you alone are the Strength of your people;
God of Zephaniah, you turn back our enemies and make us glad;
God of Haggai, you are worthy to be honored among men, among all nations;
God of Zechariah, God of visions, you show yourself, you are a God of revelation;
God of Malachi, you are constant and pure, desiring a religion of the heart and not an outward show, and I praise you, Lord, with my whole heart.

God of Matthew, you are my King;
God of Mark, you are the Supreme Servant, the example of true humility;
God of Luke, you are Lord of all;
God of John, you are the Living Word, the great I am;
God of the Acts, you are the author of the Church, the Pioneer of the faith;
God of Romans, you are the salvation-worker;
God of 1st and 2nd Corinthians, you are a God of order and righteousness, who established both in your church;
God of Galatians, you are the great Liberator, a God of freedom and grace;
God of Ephesians, you are a God of light and unity, and unfathomable riches;
God of Philippians, God of joy!
God of Colossians, you are pre-eminent, a God of glory;
God of 1st and 2nd Thessalonians, you are a God of hope;
God of Timothy, you are the great Shepherd;
God of Titus, you are always working, always doing good;
God of Philemon, you make brothers of all men;
God of Hebrews, you have made Jesus greater than all things, all priests, all covenants, all;
God of James, you are a practical God;
God of Peter and his letters, you are true, and victorious in all things;
God of John and his letters, you are love and truth;
God of Jude, you are able to keep me from falling;
God of the Revelation, you hold the future--and all my times--in your hand!

I praise you, God of the Bible, God of all, for all you are: unsearchable, inexhaustible, Amen.


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