He Is Coming

Abba, he is coming.
My new grandson.
This season will be his advent, too.

On this child
growing inside my precious daughter, Lord, have mercy.
On this child, whom you are forming and fashioning as you formed and fashioned me,
Lord, show your favor.
On this child, who existed only in your foreknowledge just months ago, Lord, grant health and healthy growth in every way.

On this child's parents, my daughter and son-in-law, Lord, have mercy.
On this child's parents, Lord, show your favor.
On this child's parents, Lord, grant health, and a healthy, successful, blessed, and miraculous delivery.

On this child's grandparents, Lord have mercy.
On me and my wife, and on Kevin's parents, show your favor.
To us all, Lord, grant the wisdom and faith to bless Kevin, Aubrey, Calleigh, and the baby with how we wait, rejoice, worry (or not), and in the things we do and don't do for them in these final days of waiting, in Jesus' name, amen.

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