Lord, Teach Us to Pray

"Lord, teach us to pray." Yes, us, Lord. We have read in Thy Word with what power Thy believing people of old used to pray, and what mighty wonders were done in answer to their prayers. And if this took place under the Old Covenant, in the time of preparation, how much more wilt Thou not now, in these days of fulfilment, give Thy people this sure sign of Thy presence in their midst. We have heard the promises given to Thine apostles of the power of prayer in Thy name, and have seen how gloriously they experienced their truth: we know for certain. they can become true to us too. We hear continually even in these days what glorious tokens of Thy power Thou dost still give to those who trust Thee fully. Lord! these all are men of like passions with ourselves; teach us to pray so too. The promises are for us, the powers and gifts of the heavenly world are for us. O teach us to pray so that we may receive abundantly. To us too Thou hast entrusted Thy work, on our prayer too the coming of Thy kingdom depends, in our prayer too Thou canst glorify Thy name; "Lord, teach us to pray." Yes, us, Lord; we offer ourselves as learners; we would indeed be taught of Thee. "Lord, teach us to pray."

(a prayer of Andrew Murray, from his book, With Christ in the School of Prayer, chapter one)


Marie said...

I am reading this book now!

Hoss said...

Me, too. Or, rather, I'm listening to the audiobook version. It's a great one.