For Mercy Project

Lord God, I pray for your abundant blessing on the work of Mercy Project in Ghana, Africa. Through them, Lord, please have mercy on the estimated seven thousand children who are slaves, working 14-hour days, 7 days a week, in Ghana's fishing industry.

Oh, Lord God, bless Mercy Project's efforts to break the cycles of trafficking around Lake Volta in Ghana by providing alternate, more efficient, sustainable, fishing methods for villagers, ultimately eliminating the need for child slaves. Bring to pass that hoped-for first group of children who will be freed this month from Lake Volta. Let them find new hope and new life, in Jesus' name.

Please bless Mercy Project's vision. Bless them financially. Make straight paths for their feet. Give them favor in the eyes of influential people. And enlarge their capacity until every last child is freed and no more are enslaved, in Jesus' name, amen.

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