My Psalm 5 Prayer On September 13

Lord, listen to my words.
I am sad, grief-stricken, and outraged.
I cry for help, my King and my God,
I pray to you.
Lord, every morning you hear my voice.
Every morning, I call out to you,
and I await your answer.

I know you are not pleased with the wicked;
you abhor those who riot
and hate.
Those who torch embassies
and brutally kill Americans
because they are Americans
do not know you.
You abhor all who do evil.
You oppose those who hate and kill and destroy
and who teach others to do the same.

Because of your great love,
I bow in your presence
and beg your comfort and strength for the families
of Ambassador Stevens
and the others who were so wantonly murdered yesterday.

Lord, save such hatred and violence
from engendering either cruelty or coddling in me,
and in the American people.
Please make our leaders wise
and show them clearly how you want them to respond.

Close the mouths of those who tell lies;
stay the hands of those who want to destroy others.
Let the guilty fall into their own traps.
Banish those whose wickedness is so great,
banish them from the airwaves,
from newsprint,
from the streets
and from the world's governments.

Let everyone who trusts you be blessed;
let them learn and teach songs of joy.
Protect those who love you
and who are happy because of you.

Bless those who do right;
protect them like a shield.


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