Another Psalm 7

Lord God, you are Refuge.
You are Rescuer.
You are Savior.

Without you, I would be overtaken,
overwhelmed and overcome.

In spite of all the wrongs I have done,
and all the sins I have committed,
you defend me
and preserve me.

Thank you that you are not complacent when I am attacked;
when my back is against the wall, you fight for me,
you rouse yourself,
you roar on my behalf.
You are always in the middle of your people,
you rule over us all.
You dispense justice;
defend and vindicate me,
not according to my righteousness (for I have none)
but according to my Righteousness.

End violence and wickedness.
Spread righteousness over all the earth,
you, righteous God,
who sees into every heart and mind.

You are my shield;
you save me and give me an upright heart.
You are my judge,
and also my advocate.

Make me always quick to repent,
so quick that you need not chide me
or discipline me.

Let me not for one moment
be like those who propagate evil,
and multiply gossip and lies.
Save me always from the stupidity
of those who fall prey to their own devices.
Instead let me be constantly thanking you
for your kindness and holiness;
fill my heart and mind and mouth
with praises to your name, Lord Most High.

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