I repent, Lord.
I repent.

I have been wrong in supposing that I could manage my own life 
and be my own god; 
I have been wrong in thinking I had, or could get, 
the strength, education and training to make it on my own; 
I trust that God in Jesus Christ is telling me the truth. 

I lean into the realization
that what you want from me 
and what I want from you 
are not going to be achieved by doing the same old things, 
thinking the same old thoughts. 

I decide 
and still  
to follow you, 
my Lord Jesus Christ, 
and be your pilgrim in the path of peace.

(a prayer based on lines from Eugene Peterson, A Long Obedience in the Same Direction (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1980), 29-30).

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