For Friends with Cancer

Lord God,
today I am praying for four dear friends
who are struggling with cancer.

I'm sick of it.
I hate it.
In determined weakness I stand against it.
In Jesus' name, I oppose it.

Banish it, Lord.
Obliterate it,
in them and in others.
But especially in them.

Heal them by your mighty hand.
Visit them with hope and wholeness.
I pray for your immediate, instant healing,
even as I submit to your sovereign authority
to heal in other ways,
as you will,
as your wisdom and love see fit.

But act, Lord.
Bare your mighty arm.
Make known your healing balm.

Provide them with wise and attentive care
as well as laughter,
and energy and stamina along the way.

Grant them
courage when they are afraid,
comfort when they are in pain,
and blessing when their spirits start to flag,
that they may conquer fear
and depression
and faithlessness
as they also conquer cancer,
in your power,
for your glory,


Ken Kirby said...

Thank you, Bob!

Cyn Rogalski said...

Alongside you in this prayer..