Another Psalm 9

I will say a wholehearted "thank you," Lord;
I will brag on you to all who will listen.
You give me joy;
You make me want to sing, O Most High.

Whatever enemies I have are nowhere to be found;
they must be hiding in a hole somewhere,
for you, my righteous king and gracious judge,
are my defender and upholder.

You rebuke those who need rebuke;
you destroy wickedness with your righteous hand.
You embarrass the haughty
and dismantle their schemes,
erasing even the memory of them.

You reign forever;
you rule from your eternal throne,
and generously.

You are my refuge in desperate times,
my safe house.
I know you, love you, and trust you.
I know you will not let me down.

I will sing to you.
I will make you known,
you who remember my name
and listen to my cries and outbursts.

Save me from self-pity.
Have mercy on me and keep me from ignoring my blessings
and falsely inflating my challenges.
Help me to praise you with my actions,
to rejoice in your deliverance.

Save me from my own stupidity
and teach me wisdom by the stupidity of others.
Make me alert to your wisdom and justice;
let me learn from others' mistakes.

Most of all, save me from my tendency to forget you,
who never forgets me,
who is my constant hope.

Arise, Lord. Assert yourself
over all human silliness and sin--
especially my own.

Remind me constantly of who I am
and whose I am.

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