New Psalm 81

I sing for joy to you, God my strength;
I shout my praise to you, O God of Jacob!
I will sing and dance and clap and bow

to the music of drum and guitar and keyboard today!

Full Moon or New Moon,

 I will sing songs to you and lift you up.
I will give thanks to you in my native tongue
and with whatever language you care to supply.
For you have removed the burden from my shoulders;

 my hands are the hands of a free man.

I called, and you rescued me,

 you answered me in the storm,

 you refined me through the fire.

I once more cast down my idols,
I once more declare you to be my God, God alone in my eyes.
I cast down my idol of security,
my idol of popularity,
my idol of man’s approval,
my idols of comfort,
and peace.

You are the LORD my God,

 who brought me out of Egypt.

 I will open wide my mouth, for you to fill it.
I will listen to you;

 I will submit to you.

Mold my stubborn heart
and deliver me from my own devices.
I will follow your ways,
and watch for you to quickly subdue my enemies

 and turn your hand against my foes!
Let those who hate cringe before you,

 and let their punishment be a warning to all.
But let me and mine be fed with the finest of wheat,

 let me and mine be satisfied with honey from the rock.

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