Another Psalm 18

Let me just say: I love you, Lord, my strength.
You are my bedrock,
my castle wall,
my EMT.

You are my windbreak.
You shelter and shield me.
You are a safe place to hide.

I could praise you all day long
and not exaggerate.
I have cried out to you
more times than I can count,
and you have never failed me.
I have been physically sick with fear,
but you lifted me up, brushed me off, and helped me stand.
I let depression entangle me,
but you patiently showed me the way out.
I have sobbed in grief,
but you sat shiva with me.
You hear me.
You help me.

I have felt like the earth was giving way beneath my feet,
like you had abandoned me or become angry with me,
but you parted the clouds and showed yourself;
you rode the wings of the storm,
and instead of punishing me you routed my enemy.
You reached out and grabbed me
as you grabbed Peter that day on Kinnereth.
You lifted me out of the waves
and saved me from my own doubts and the plans of my enemies.
And then you brought me out into a sweet place,
a place of abundance and blessing and health and freedom.

I am highly favored, and I know it.
I know it well. I know it daily.
You have been more than faithful to me.
You have been merciful and gracious,
generous beyond reason.

That is your way.
You save the lowly,
and crush the proud.
You light my way.
If you lead, I will charge into battle.
In your strength, I can leap over a wall.

Your way is utterly beautiful to me.
Your word is straight and true.
You are armor and shield for all who take refuge in you.

You alone are Lord of all.
No one else compares.
You strengthen me,
you guide me,
you energize me,
you lift me up,
you equip me.

Mine: the shield of your salvation.
Mine: your strong hand supporting me.
Mine: your help, your smile, your advancement.
Mine: firm footing.
Mine: victory over my enemies.
Mine: strength far above my own.

You delivered me from many conflicts.
You gave me success I could not have planned,
or even handled without your grace.

Lord, you live. I bless you, my rock!
God of my salvation, I exalt you.
God my deliverer, God my advocate, God my vindicator,
I praise your name.


Anonymous said...

We read this around the lunch table as our devotion today. Than you! ~it's beautiful~ (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Hoss said...

How cool is that! Thank you for telling me.