Lord God Adonai, lover of all humanity, hear my prayer for the people of Nepal who have been so tragically affected by last night's earthquake:

Have mercy, Lord,
on all the displaced,
the injured,
the bereaved.

Have mercy, Lord,
on all who lose homes
and farms
and businesses
and livelihoods.

Have mercy, Lord,
on all who join in relief and rescue efforts,
who risk their lives to save others,
who sacrifice for the sake of your children.

Have mercy, Lord,
on leaders and decision-makers
and grant them clarity
and decisiveness,
wisdom and effectiveness
in responding to this great need.

Have mercy, Lord,
on the souls of those who are swept up
and away
in this great tragedy,
and grant remission of sins and your merciful pardon,
through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Have mercy, Lord,
and move your church,
the Body of Christ,
to compassion
and service
for the victims of this tragedy,
in Jesus' name, amen.

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Sharon Kirk Clifton, Writer and Raconteur said...

Amen. Thank you, Bob.

Mary Derksen said...

So up to date on current events. Didn't expect to see you have the Nepal earthquake in here already! My children, Vangy and Ernie Thiessen, worked with MCC in Nepal for 2 terms (3 years each) so I heard about it from them first thing this morning.
Thank you for these helping prayers.