Saturday Psalm #26

Judge me kindly, Lord.
By your grace, let me walk in integrity.
By your grace, let me trust in you without wavering.

Examine me, Lord, and diagnose everything that’s wrong with me.
Shine your light into my heart and mind.
I know your kindness tempers your correction,
and my desire to walk in your truth trumps my desire to avoid painful correction.

Save me from hanging around liars.
Keep me far from the company of cheaters.
Turn me away from the paths of those who do evil,
and free me from any desire to make wicked people like me.

I will wash my hands, Lord;
I will bow in repentance at your altar.
I will sing your thanks in a loud voice,
and boldly report to others what you have done.

I love your house, Lord.
I love your church.
I love being there when your people assemble.
I love giving you glory in the company of the saints.

Make me wise,
so that I may not be in the wrong place,
in the wrong company,
at the wrong time.

Lead me in paths of righteousness.
Rescue me, pity me, and lift me,
setting my feet on solid ground, higher ground,
the Rock that is higher than I.

I praise you, Lord, among the company of the committed.

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