Saturday Psalm #119 (Pt. 5)


My God, I love your Word! I rely on it.
May I memorize it and meditate on it
more than I do.
Make me wiser than my enemies by my devotion to it, for they are
many and they are ever with me.

Master, grant me
more insight than ever before,
more attentiveness to your Word and words.

Make me more understanding than I have otherwise any hope of being.
Mind my feet and keep them from every evil path so I
might obey your word and honor you.

Merciful One, I long for your Word and listen for your instruction.

Make me once more and always an addict for your Word;
make me hopelessly dependent on it.


Night light: that is your Word to me.
Neon sign: that too.

Nothing compares to your precious Word.
Nothing lifts me up,
nothing carries me through,
nothing protects me and preserves me,
nothing blesses me or encourages me like your Word.

None of my other reading,
no matter how inspiring, approaches the limitless value of your Word.
None of it measures up,
none of it even comes close.

Never let me
neglect it,
never misuse it,
never ever forsake it.


Strong Tower, my God,
sweet lover of my soul,
stand with me against double-minded men and women,
sustain me with your Word.

Shield me, my refuge;
shower me with hope through your Word.

Send evildoers away from me, and
save me from being distracted from your Word by their machinations.

Sustain me according to your gracious promise, and I will live;
supply my hope, my joy, my stamina.

Shore up my defenses, and I will be delivered;
stay with me when the next attack comes.

Save me from
Search me and
steel me against all temptation.

Stay with me, and let your Word
stay in me and
stream from me.

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